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Zoran Stevanović – the fifth mandate of the first man of Zvornik
24 Dec, 2020

As of today, Zoran Stevanović’s fifth mandate as the first man of the City of Zvornik is starting. He took the certificate from the Central Election Commission in Sarajevo after winning 23,403 votes or 73% on the November 15 held elections, in the race for mayor of Zvornik, as the SNSD candidate, leaving the other three candidates far behind.

The Mayor said that today is his usual working day, regardless of the fact that his new term begins. He pointed out that in the next four years, he will continue to realize everything planned.

“It was unusual only for the first time, and every next mandate was practically a continuation of what we were doing until then. I expect that we will help and give our full contribution, as a local self-government, that the City of Zvornik and Republika Srpska and the region get rid of the coronavirus pandemic, to give our contribution to economic growth and development in our city, and will in 2021, provide at least one new investment in our City. Also, we will implement the started infrastructure projects and start new ones. Maybe it’s time for the City Administration to get a new building. It may not be time to build a town house, but we think Zvornik deserves it, especially if the need for energy savings is taken into account. We will continue to take care of our youngest and children, from maternity hospitals to nurseries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to colleges, as we have done so far. “

The Mayor also said that all political entities with advanced ideas will get the opportunity to participate in local government.

“We will continue to run a politics as before, within which we give the opportunity to all political entities to participate in the City government and not push aside anyone who has advanced ideas, anyone who wants to work with us and build a better Zvornik and a city for a better tomorrow for our citizens”.

He added that good cooperation with the republic authorities is implied, and that it has so far resulted in very important and good projects.

“Our budget is very modest for some new serious investments. I expect that maybe before the end of this budget year, a public call will be announced for works on the regulation of the Hoča riverbed, which will include the part from the main road downstream to the mouth of the Drina River. We are preparing project documentation for the regulation of this riverbed upstream 2.5 kilometers from the main road, and I mentioned this because we do not do it with the funds of our local budget, but the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, or “Vode Srpske” which will conduct a complete tender procedure. “

Stevanovic was elected Mayor of Zvornik Municipality for the first time in the early elections in February 2007. He was re-elected to that position in 2008 and 2012. He is also the first mayor in the history of the City of Zvornik because he won a convincing victory in the local elections in 2016.

You can view the statement of the Mayor of Zvornik at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb6qwgZSO0M&feature=youtu.be

Mayor’s Office

Head: Dragana Milosevic
Address: Svetog Save 124, 75400 Zvornik
Phone: 056/232-345
Fax: 056/232-221

Contact details

Svetog Save 124, 75400 Zvornik
+387 56/232-200
+387 56/232-221

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