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Headquarters: Svetog Save 124
Phone: +387 56/232-236
Fax: +387 56/232-221
E-mail: darko.stefanovic@gradzvornik.org
Head Of Deaprtment: Darko Stefanović

In the Department of Economy and Social Affairs, laws, other regulations and general acts within the rights and duties of the City related to the field of economy and social affairs are executed.

Within its competence, the Department has professional and administrative tasks in the field of economy, agriculture and social activities, development planning, approvals and licenses for performing registered activities of entrepreneurs, agricultural approvals for changing the purpose of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes, encouraging development and providing advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, providing conditions for the development of agricultural production and protection of agricultural land, livestock, fruit growing, mini farms, hunting, fishing, as well as organizing farmers.

Catering, crafts, trade, working hours, work of public institutions and companies, development of tourism, sports and recreational activities, prevention of health protection, social protection, protection of cultural goods, historical monuments, organization of events, jubilee celebrations in the field of culture, cultural and educational infrastructure institutions, sports facilities, various competitions are just some of the areas in which the Department of Economy and Social Affairs is active.

Within the Department of Economy and Social Activities, two sections are organized as follows:

Section for Economy

Phone: +387 56/232-212; 232-239
Fax: +387 56/232-221
E-mail: privreda@gradzvornik.org

Section for Social Affairs

Phone: +387 56/232-233
Fax: +387 56/232-221
E-mail: drustvenedjelatnosti@gradzvornik.org

Working hours from Monday to Friday, from 07:00 to 15:00


Address: Gradska uprava Zvornik, Svetog Save 24, 75 400 Zvornik
Contact person: Biljana Milić, Head of Section for Development and International Cooperation
Phone number: +387 56/232 216
E-mail: razvoj@gradzvornik.org

Section for development management and international cooperation welcomes investors and promotes opportunities for investment in Zvornik. The Section provides potential investors with all the necessary information about business environment, available locations and infrastructure conditions, legal regulations, construction and start-up procedures, etc.

Working hours from Monday to Friday, from 07:00 to 15:00


Jadar Business Zone is established in order to encourage the growth and development of existing and the opening of new business entities, as well as the investments of domestic and foreign investors in the City of Zvornik. It is owned by the Government of the Republika Srpska, which has transferred the right of management to the City of Zvornik.

It is located in Karakaj, a suburban settlement near the border crossing with the function of a customs terminal and highways (M4 and M19). It spreads over 8.09 ha and has a built common infrastructure that needs to be arranged. The procedure and conditions for the entry of investors into the Jadar Business Zone are determined by the Rulebook on the conditions and procedures for leasing land and facilities to investors.  Currently, two companies are operating in the Jadar Business Zone. Other interested investors can buy or lease facilities with a total surface of ​​19,955 m2 with 48,438 m2 of land.

Inženjering leans on the Jadar Business Zone. It is attractive investment location which spreads over 7.1 ha and encompasses 11 facilities (9 are already occupied and two are available). Both the land and the facilities are in very good condition, as well as common infrastructure so with a small investment they can be adapted to the needs of investors from different sectors. These land or facilities can be purchased through a public invitation for auction.

Novi Izvor is Brownfield location in wider industrial zone of Karakaj. Its surface is ha. Investors can buy whole or a part of the plot through a public invitation for auction.

If you are interested in additional information about the opportunities available to you in Zvornik, fill out the form below. 


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