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State of the Economy

In the second half of the 20th century, City of Zvornik was ranked as the third-largest industrial center in BiH. In mentioned period, around 15.000 workers from Zvornik and neighboring municipalities have been employed in numerous of factories. They worked in plants for wood processing, manufacturing of construction materials, exploitation of mineral waters, production of alumina and rubber, as well as in the metal, textile and food factories concentrated in the suburban settlement of Karakaj.

Currently, there are 1.148 business entities of which are 330 enterprises and 818 entrepreneurs.

Small enterprises dominate among enterprises – there are 316 small, 10 medium and 4 large enterprises. Most of them are engaged in trade, wholesale and retail, processing industry, construction and transportation and storage.

The most of entrepreneurs have main activity in the domain of trade (291), crafts (153) and restaurants and catering (150).

According to the statistical data, total amount of their annual investments is about 40 million KM.

Economic Council

Economic Council is an advisory body that provides opinions and gives recommendations and initiatives on improving the business environment and economic development.

Economic Council has 35 members who meet regularly and work in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

Economic Council

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