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The City of Zvornik and the City of Drama are one step away from an agreement – cooperation and exchange of experiences

The preparation of documentation for the twinning procedure of the city of Zvornik and the Greek city of Drama is ongoing, and the process was initiated by the Representative Office of Republika Srpska in Greece.

The delegation of the City Administration of the City of Zvornik paid a return visit to the Greek city of Drama from October 20 to 22, during which numerous meetings were organized. Mayor Zoran Stevanović and his associates had a meeting with representatives of political parties and the local parliament in Drama.

“We had the opportunity to talk in the local assembly with the representatives of all political parties that participate in the political life of Drama. We presented them city of Zvornik, our organization, processes and the way in which we have been maintaining political stability in the city for years. On the other hand, the hosts were very interested in getting as much information as possible, which is why Zvornik is the right choice for twinning and future cooperation. I think that after comprehensive talks, we all came to the same conclusion and that both, the position and the opposition in both cases will agree with the decision to sign the agreement, which should happen by the middle of next year,” said Mayor Stevanovic.

According to Biljana Milić, head of the Section for Management of Local Economic Development and International Cooperation, the visit to Drama is just one of the steps that the city of Zvornik wants to take in regional connection, networking and creating preconditions for future projects.

“Given that Greece is in the European Union, cooperation with Drama, which is extremely close to us, will open up opportunities for us to exchange knowledge and experiences, a joint appearance in European programs. This kind of engagement creates opportunities for project planning, and we will do everything to use them. We have already agreed on several specific activities that we will implement in areas of common interest, “adds Biljana Milić.

Together with the Tourist Organization of Drama, the Zvornik delegation visited the Mountain Information Center on the Rhodope and their bio system and the monastery of St. George. The solutions in the field of tourism that Drama has are very close to what Zvornik is planning in the coming period, points out Ivana Đokić Milanović, director of the Tourist Organization of the city of Zvornik.

“Tourism has been identified as one of the branches in which cooperation is planned after the official signing and establishment of fraternal ties between Zvornik and Drama. In addition to cooperation and connecting tourist agencies of our two cities and exchange of tourists, during the two-day stay they discussed possible cooperation and launching joint projects in the field of tourism, which would attract funds to improve our tourist offer, “said the director of Zvornik Tourist Organization Djokic Milanovic.

The meeting in the office of the mayor of Drama, Mamsakos Christodoulos, defined the steps that both cities should take in the next period in order to prepare and sign an agreement on cooperation. After the conference, the delegation visited the local largest and most famous winery “Niko Lazaridi” and attended the opening of a biological wastewater treatment plant in Drama.

According to Darko Stefanović, head of the Department of Economy and Social Affairs, this type of cooperation is beneficial for both Zvornik and the city of Drama.

“The visit lasted quite a short time for many activities prepared by our hosts. We visited some of the tourist potentials and the economic capacities of the city of Drama. I think that in the future, agreements like the one we will have with Drama will benefit us not only in the tourism, but also in the economy. It is very possible that there will be economic exchange and exchange of experiences of our and Greek entrepreneurs. Primary contacts have been established, and it is up to us to rout the path and relations in the direction we want, “Stefanović added.

Through the Republika Srpska Representative office in Greece, delegation of the Greek Drama visited Zvornik in August this year. During their stay, the mayor of Drama and his associates had the opportunity to visit the tourist sights of the city and visit several business entities.

“The Republika Srpska Representative office in Greece, through various projects, is constantly working on promotion of the Republika Srpska and strengthening Greek-Serbian ties. In the last couple of years, the Representative Office has organized a number of projects related to Zvornik, such as the arrival of more than 60 children from socially disadvantaged families on vacation in Greece, the arrival of the glee club “Izvornik” at the World Choir Competition in Thessaloniki, preparations for Zvornik based taekwondo club “Srpski Soko” with the Greek taekwondo club “Makedoniki Dinami” for the World Cup, renewing relations with the municipality of Kalamaria, with which Zvornik became twinned in 1994 after the great humanitarian aid that the Greeks provided to Serbian children during the war in BiH. The twinning of Zvornik with Drama is just a continuation of these activities. This type of agreement will serve as a basis for cooperation in the field of culture and investments, emphasizing the development of both cities, but also the strengthening of Greek-Serbian relations, “concluded Jelena Jovanovic, head of the Republika Srpska Representative office in Greece.

Agreements and twinning of local communities are the basis for joint action in regional, European and global frameworks and the basis for joint project planning.