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The 5th session of the Economic Council of the City of Zvornik was held


The 5th session of the Economic Council of the City of Zvornik was held today, at which all items on the agenda were discussed and unanimously adopted.

The Economic Council is an advisory body that strengthens communication between the public and private sectors. It has 35 members from different sectors such as: City Administration, the business sector, public companies, public institutions and civil society organizations. The president of the EC is the Mayor of Zvornik, Zoran Stevanović.

At the end of the meeting, he assessed that the establishment of this body and the regular holding of sessions proved to be very important and functional.

“This is an opportunity to share our impressions about the city budget itself and other important issues. Members of the Council give us very useful suggestions and at the same time we hear from them about some problems that the real sector is facing. This is an opportunity to establish even better and stronger cooperation between the public administration and the real sector, and I think we are doing well, we hear and feel problems of others and vice versa, so I expect that such great cooperation and fruitful meetings will continue in the future. “

The Mayor and president of the Economic Council added that both, the public and private sector, breathe the same air, live in the same city and function in the same space.

“All of these are real and practical people who also feel the problems that the public sector has. Today, it was seen that the projects that we talked about and that are proposed by both sectors have a common denominator, and that it is practically the same view of the problems and solutions offered by the City Administration. “

Member of the Economic Council Savo Erić, owner of AD “Zvornik putevi”, assessed that today’s meeting was very constructive, that many businessmen expressed their opinion on the past and the beginning of this year, as well as on the problems related to the virus pandemic.

“Problems are jobs and everyone pointed it out. Our desire and goal is to save as many of those as possible this year. The proposals regarding the budget were constructive, and what I discussed today referred to the traffic infrastructure, primarily related to the bypass around Zvornik, the road through Šćemlija, the arrangement of the entrance and exit to the city, and we hope that the issue of the roundabout in Karakaj in this year to be resolved. Water supply and everything else is good. We hope that many of these projects will be realized this year and I support that.”

At today’s meeting, participants praised proposed allocation of funds from the city budget even in such a difficult time, and even increasing them compared to the previous year, for incentives for employment, agriculture, and scholarships.

The agenda of today’s session of the Economic Council included information on the initiatives from the 3rd and 4th sessions and the situation in the economy and employment of the City of Zvornik as of December 31, 2020, Proposals for decisions on the adoption of the budget of the City of Zvornik for 2021, determining the fee for arranging city construction land for 2021, changes and amendments to the Decision on communal taxes, the Proposal of the Program for the use of budget funds to encourage agricultural production in the city of Zvornik for 2021, Report on the situation in agriculture in the city Zvornik in 2020, and Analysis of the results of the Business Sector Survey in 2021.

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