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Zvornik encourages the development of a favorable business environment


At the recently held “Partnership for a Competitive Region” conference in Dubrovnik, representatives of the City of Zvornik were presented with an award under the Business Favorable Environment Certification Program in Southeast Europe (BFC SEE). According to Dragana Milošević, head of the cabinet of the mayor of Zvornik, this is a recognition for systematic work on creating and improving the conditions for carrying out economic activities in the area of the city of Zvornik.

“Recently, we had the first supervisory check, which resulted in the conclusion that the City Administration ensured the continuity of activities in the application of BFC standards, so that Zvornik was confirmed as a local self-government unit with a favorable business environment,” said Dragana Milošević.

The city of Zvornik received the BFC certificate in 2021 and thus became one of the local communities in Southeast Europe favorable for investment.

“Gaining the certificate meant, among other things, that Zvornik has an adopted development strategy that is being successfully implemented, an efficient organizational structure, a functional economic council, an established system of services for obtaining building permits, a proactive approach to the promotion of investment opportunities, adequate infrastructure and reliable communal services, etc.”, Dragana Milošević added. The Chamber of Commerce of the Republika Srpska, as an accredited body in the Republika Srpska, has been implementing the certification program for cities and municipalities according to the BFC SEE standard since 2013. To date, 13 local self-government units in Srpska have been (re)certified according to the requirements of the BFC SEE standard.

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