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Business Friendly Certificate (BFC) – The City of Zvornik met the criteria


At the beginning of August 2021, the City of Zvornik met the criteria of the Certification Program of cities and municipalities with a Business Friendly Certification South East Europe (BFC SEE) in accordance with the standard “BFC SEE Edition III” with 90.67 out of a maximum of 100 points.

Zvornik started the certification process in January 2020, and the certificate will last for three (3) years.

“We were determined to systematically harmonize what we are doing in the City Administration with certain standards. The desire to promote Zvornik as a place for good and safe investments led us to enter the BFC certification process. With the wholehearted support of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska, our experts have improved and standardized the necessary processes, “said Zoran Stevanović, the Mayor of Zvornik.

The city has made progress in the process of strategic planning and drafting strategic documents. Databases have been established, which are available on the city’s website. Everything is aimed at providing citizens with timely and quality services, the report says.

According to Mayor Stevanovic, Zvornik is the seat of some of the largest companies in the country and that is why it is important to maintain a certain level. “Zvornik has great potential. The fact that there are factories such as Alumina, Zeohem, Vitinka sets us high goals, because we must provide all those who come and want to do business in Zvornik with conditions with which investors will be able to achieve their maximum. Zvornik provides opportunities in various industries and that is why our responsibility as local communities is even greater.”

The City of Zvornik is one of the developed units of local self-government, and the Zvornik economy is dominated by small and medium enterprises. They are mostly engaged in the processing industry, trade, construction and transport. The number of companies is increasing from year to year. Currently, 1124 business entities are registered. The “Jadar” Business Zone and the “Engineering” investment location have been formed, which can be adjusted to the needs of investors with small investments.

“We are trying to reduce the number of unemployed people in Zvornik. The city has several projects every year, both independent and in cooperation with the Employment Bureau. In this way, we co-finance employers, but also those who start an independent business. The total funds allocated from the city budget for this project in 2020 amounted to 265,490 KM,” explains Mayor Stevanović.

Based on the report, the commitment of the leaders of the city of Zvornik to create conditions for the successful functioning of the economic sector, to attract new investments and develop the local community as a whole is evident. The city has valid spatial planning documentation and a system that will facilitate and speed up the issuance of permits. An active Economic Council of the city of Zvornik has been formed, whose suggestions and initiatives are regularly implemented. The economic profile of the community contains relevant data, the report said. The internet presentation of the city has been redesigned, which contains all the necessary information and documents. The city has an infrastructure development plan and the necessary data on utilities. In all segments, there is a noticeable constant intention for improvements, concludes the report on the fulfillment of the criteria of the certification program for cities with a Business friendly environment in Southeast Europe (BFC SEE).

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