The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska, Boris Pašalić, and the Mayor of Zvornik, Zoran Stevanović, visited the company “Smrčak doo” where they announced their support for the owner Miladin Mijatović in the construction of the new plant.

“It is a pleasure to be here and see what Mijatović did and how he developed this company. This is a great example of how to organize the collection, processing and further placement of forest fruits and herbs that are found in nature, and the very fact that this company exports to dozens of countries shows that it can be a great job. It is very important to say that this company has a large number of subcontractors, so a large number of families from this region are sheltered and live from this company. The Ministry has made a certain turn in the last few years, because we want to support, not only primary agricultural production, but also entities that deal with the processing of these products and their further placement. This year, for the first time, we are allocating larger funds for capital investments, among other things, the intention of the company “Smrčak” to invest in a new facility and a new drying plant will receive support from the Ministry, where we have allocated 100,000 KM for co-financing and support for equipment, ie agricultural machinery. We will certainly continue to support capital investments more strongly in the future, without jeopardizing primary production. ”

The Mayor praised the fact that at a time when it is most important to fight and preserve existing jobs, there are companies that invest in capacity expansion, invest in the future and in new jobs. He announced that the City Administration, together with the company “Zvornik stan”, will provide the supply of gas, which will be the main energy source for the new dryer of fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs.

“That is why we are all here together today and I want to say that everything we do in previous years, that we support domestic investors, to show it this time as well, because, while foreign investors determine whether it is safe to invest somewhere, our people annually in Zvornik they invest between 30 and 50 million KM. At the time of the corona virus, which caused problems on all sides, we are facing an investment of almost one million KM. We will always have the resources and support for domestic investors who are expanding their capacities, for domestic ideas, domestic investments, because our people who invest here do not think they will go to cheaper labor markets and other things, they will always stay here, because they are here born, they live here, they fight here together with us to survive and survive on the market even in difficult times. ”

He thanked Minister Pašalić for recognizing a great idea, a healthy company and for encouraging “Smrčak”, which, as he mentioned, meets all the conditions provided by the competition for its award.

The Mayor emphasized that “Smrčak” is the place where the surplus products of Zvornik’s primary producers should end. He reminded that the City Administration allocated the largest amount of funds for primary agricultural production this year, adding that the support for “Smrčak” is an upgrade of that.

Mijatović expressed satisfaction with today’s visit to his company, assessing that this is the most difficult time in the last few years given the situation with the corona virus, and that due to the crisis he believes is yet to come, the time is right for companies to restructure and take some steps to improve production.

“My company is mainly engaged in the collection, processing and trade of mushrooms, medicinal herbs, forest fruits and berries, and everything is intended for export. It is certain that in this time, without the support of the Government and the Ministry and the local community, it will be difficult for us, and that is why we are together to try to make a step forward. “

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